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Blessings for the New Moon and the start of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, on Sunday evening. Lots of new–mirrored by the summary card here, Death. Everything is changing and it’s coming at us fast. It feels like, every time we turn around, something else in our lives changes, things we thought were foundational are leaving. This leaves an open space, both bright and dark, looked over by the Goddess of the Void, the New Moon. We are shelters for each other, we must never forget that. We feel deeply now and must give ourselves that space to fully appreciate and accept our feelings and experience with a loving heart. We look inside to our own goodness and focus on our breath, as this one thing steadies us, is steadiness. Breath and water and quick dusks. The sky coming in closer and closer, revealing its secrets to us. Thus it is with our own hearts now. Our own inner wisdom and bright lights at home and loving embraces are the melody. Offerings and fertility and sweetness of new beginnings. It is a chance to start fresh, an opening in the sky, the gates of Heaven, or whatever your name for the Divine Space is, are open. Pray with your words and poems and actions–right language, right action. Let the five precepts guide you in all you do. You are the same person in all situations–your consciousness and compassion is throughout. We are not fragmented beings. We are whole and union. ๐ŸŒŒ๐ŸŒ ๐ŸŒ„



Equinox reading and end of Mercury retrograde today.
First, take a long, slow, deep breath. And hold onto your ๐ŸŽฉ. It is starting to get interesting. As if it hasn’t been interesting enough. ๐Ÿ€
Bright things are coming but they must be earned. There is vigilance required of us now–and we need to check in with ourselves that this vigilance doesn’t turn into paranoia and overdramatizing. There are powerful energies surrounding every event this fall. With the release of the reins as Mercury retrograde ends, energy spills out and could use a bit of containment and structure. So many new ideas, and especially one or two incredibly powerful new relationships, could test our limitations and what we think of ourselves and what our lives are, what gives us meaning. Purpose and action are highlighted as many fires burn–again, the herald here speaks to managing our emotions and activities and schedules–micro to macro–in order for peace and loving thought, word, and deed to be our matrix. And matrices shift and settle–the shifting is, in fact, a settling, coming home, a solidification of ideals and magic into tangible being. The transmogrification of elements, thoughts, creative pursuits, is supported this season. We have so much to transmute. Everything changes this season. Known to unknown, unknown to known. We can shift our consciousness to miracles. Miracles are self-power and unconditional love โค๏ธ manifesting. Love is a physical presence. ๐Ÿ’š
It is up to each of us to embody love towards ourselves and others. We make the world. As so many pressures are converging on us, as the summer releases itself and autumn ๐Ÿ‚ comes, reaching, demanding, with its beautifully shorter days and golden light, the sun lowers in the sky, the sky itself lowers towards us.
It can be so hard, and frightening, and the weight of the air can feel burdensome, as so many things converge in the next few months, but we have help–within ourselves and our own conscience, our collective well-being, our connectivity as a global organism. ๐Ÿ
Let things be as they are and have courage to see things as they are and the courage to change what needs changing. All is within our grasp. ๐Ÿ™



See everything in terms of light. Think of things in terms of light. This is the last rush of the heat and light of summer, ends are fraying so much that the cloth you’ve made over and over again is a new cloth. New materials being forged. Summer was a cauldron that simmered, stirred up, and alchemized. We are reaching into the stretches of season and weather. The Sun looks over this reading and bows its rays over us, body and soul. This is the last round of this cycle, within this full moon cycle, we come to the end of Mercury retrograde and have an opportunity to lay old cycles to rest, creating new patterns and mental and emotional grooves that propel us forward into deeper joy and security. The eclipse further encourages this transition that enables us to live our dreams. So many opportunities spread out before us, like so many rays of all the different elements. The Sota and Caballero – Page and Knight – of Wands offer us the fire of our own souls, burning to illuminate the stunning array of geography and light. Filled with all manifestations of light, we move with our power nestled in us. We are finally come home. We are home. We hold onto what we love most dearly, and allow ourselves the rest we crave. The chakra in focus here is the sacral chakra, imbuing us with flexibility, fluidity, the natural movement in our mortal selves to forgive, dancing, swimming, allowing joy, sensuality, sexuality, fertility, and love. We are our perfect creation of love. Love that is born of fire and knowing its power and courage. Love is power. Judgment and The World are in our core now, the hot, molten center of the earth. We fight as a natural expression of our most sacred self so that the fight becomes a moving of energy in sacred path–the knowing of doing no harm guiding us, the protection of the ancients, guarding us as we face the truth of our earth and ourselves. We know what is important and valuable. We do not compromise. We stand fully in our power and rejoice. #tarotuniversaldalรญ #fullmoonreading #eclipse #harvestmoon #ganesh #joy #love


for August 18, 2016


Tonight’s Full Moon is known as the Sturgeon Moon, Full Red Moon, Green Corn Moon and Grain Moon. We are still in the full throes of summer in the Northern Hemisphere but we can feel fall’s shadow. So many cycles begun even as far back as childhood are ending now and we are making our way in a new world. The change of season is close and it can feel like the shorter days and slope toward autumn is bringing many chapters to their completeness and ending. The endings in this case are solid and made from a place that we have dug deep to get to this summer. Upheavals are taking place but we are well-equipped to handle them and we generated them. We made choices that have led us here, and sloughed off false and illusory masks of ourselves. We have prepared the ground of our lives for this and are ready to be truer selves. This means using all of the insight, protection, self-knowledge, and magic we have acquired and stepping out into the new world as ourselves. Not needing to pretend or feel guilt or shame over who we are. The truth under the truth. This space we’ve opened in ourselves and our lives offers us comfort and the knowing that we are on the right path and that we have chosen this path with our bones and heart.
Sustenance will be a huge factor in the fall as we learn to provide for ourselves in a real, rich way.
We know how to sustain ourselves now.
What comes our way in the fall will be life-shifting in a powerful way, the stars fall our way, the sky is lit up with our language.


The deck I am using is the beautiful Goddess deck by Kris Waldherr.

May all your transitions be gentle,