Blessings for the New Moon and the start of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, on Sunday evening. Lots of new–mirrored by the summary card here, Death. Everything is changing and it’s coming at us fast. It feels like, every time we turn around, something else in our lives changes, things we thought were foundational are leaving. This leaves an open space, both bright and dark, looked over by the Goddess of the Void, the New Moon. We are shelters for each other, we must never forget that. We feel deeply now and must give ourselves that space to fully appreciate and accept our feelings and experience with a loving heart. We look inside to our own goodness and focus on our breath, as this one thing steadies us, is steadiness. Breath and water and quick dusks. The sky coming in closer and closer, revealing its secrets to us. Thus it is with our own hearts now. Our own inner wisdom and bright lights at home and loving embraces are the melody. Offerings and fertility and sweetness of new beginnings. It is a chance to start fresh, an opening in the sky, the gates of Heaven, or whatever your name for the Divine Space is, are open. Pray with your words and poems and actions–right language, right action. Let the five precepts guide you in all you do. You are the same person in all situations–your consciousness and compassion is throughout. We are not fragmented beings. We are whole and union. 🌌🌠🌄