Equinox reading and end of Mercury retrograde today.
First, take a long, slow, deep breath. And hold onto your 🎩. It is starting to get interesting. As if it hasn’t been interesting enough. 🍀
Bright things are coming but they must be earned. There is vigilance required of us now–and we need to check in with ourselves that this vigilance doesn’t turn into paranoia and overdramatizing. There are powerful energies surrounding every event this fall. With the release of the reins as Mercury retrograde ends, energy spills out and could use a bit of containment and structure. So many new ideas, and especially one or two incredibly powerful new relationships, could test our limitations and what we think of ourselves and what our lives are, what gives us meaning. Purpose and action are highlighted as many fires burn–again, the herald here speaks to managing our emotions and activities and schedules–micro to macro–in order for peace and loving thought, word, and deed to be our matrix. And matrices shift and settle–the shifting is, in fact, a settling, coming home, a solidification of ideals and magic into tangible being. The transmogrification of elements, thoughts, creative pursuits, is supported this season. We have so much to transmute. Everything changes this season. Known to unknown, unknown to known. We can shift our consciousness to miracles. Miracles are self-power and unconditional love ❤️ manifesting. Love is a physical presence. 💚
It is up to each of us to embody love towards ourselves and others. We make the world. As so many pressures are converging on us, as the summer releases itself and autumn 🍂 comes, reaching, demanding, with its beautifully shorter days and golden light, the sun lowers in the sky, the sky itself lowers towards us.
It can be so hard, and frightening, and the weight of the air can feel burdensome, as so many things converge in the next few months, but we have help–within ourselves and our own conscience, our collective well-being, our connectivity as a global organism. 🍁
Let things be as they are and have courage to see things as they are and the courage to change what needs changing. All is within our grasp. 🙏