for August 18, 2016


Tonight’s Full Moon is known as the Sturgeon Moon, Full Red Moon, Green Corn Moon and Grain Moon. We are still in the full throes of summer in the Northern Hemisphere but we can feel fall’s shadow. So many cycles begun even as far back as childhood are ending now and we are making our way in a new world. The change of season is close and it can feel like the shorter days and slope toward autumn is bringing many chapters to their completeness and ending. The endings in this case are solid and made from a place that we have dug deep to get to this summer. Upheavals are taking place but we are well-equipped to handle them and we generated them. We made choices that have led us here, and sloughed off false and illusory masks of ourselves. We have prepared the ground of our lives for this and are ready to be truer selves. This means using all of the insight, protection, self-knowledge, and magic we have acquired and stepping out into the new world as ourselves. Not needing to pretend or feel guilt or shame over who we are. The truth under the truth. This space we’ve opened in ourselves and our lives offers us comfort and the knowing that we are on the right path and that we have chosen this path with our bones and heart.
Sustenance will be a huge factor in the fall as we learn to provide for ourselves in a real, rich way.
We know how to sustain ourselves now.
What comes our way in the fall will be life-shifting in a powerful way, the stars fall our way, the sky is lit up with our language.


The deck I am using is the beautiful Goddess deck by Kris Waldherr.

May all your transitions be gentle,