From My Beauty is an Occupiable Space: 37 Prosed Sonnets

John Bloomberg-Rissman and Anne Gorrick


Sonnet 9 – He said, “I’m drinking the beautiful Scotch.”

My beauty has a Black Friday velocity. My beauty has the attributes of the Number 8, men and women who dance like birds and salmon herds, the South West Wind, The Maltese Falcon and Farewell, My Lovely. My email account had a dark and twisted fantasy about Walmart and a diary mask ammo kit. The moon is enough for us in Spanish, even when death goes undetected by Beauticontrol ™ His everythings were shallow, not a cough in a carload. But there were shy violets, birds – skylit, scarlet. It’s so beautiful there and the trout are great. Why waste money on fire prevention when prayer rallies can generate actual cash? When Cocteau was asked what he would rescue if his house burned with all his precious objects inside, he said he’d rescue the fire. My beauty burned on April 16, 2007. A fire came near my parents’ house once. My mom was in Florida, so I called my dad and asked he what he’d packed. “How do you pack a life?”, he said, “I’m drinking the beautiful Scotch.” Good lord, he was drunk!



Her hair was the color of a charcoal filter

(after “Can-Am Series” – as suggested by Google)

 Anne Gorrick


She replaces the pool water with pee

We are in the theater of chance now

Hope embraced her mistakes

She thinks she has control over all shapes of water

She takes the trees for granted, has crushes in Croatian subtitles

America has been bamboozled by a nectar of baseball references

America rehearses

She made a temple out of tires for the Cat Goddess

Her red pyramids name the wind like a radio

Rehab is a rehypothesis, dinner dress her a little

Spell “rehypothocation” on an empty stage, without an audience

Sableye, antelope goggles, helicopter, herbicide

Sliced bread and strangling isn’t an option

Stop smoking, start drinking, since steroid hormones are lipids

This sentence loves you

Start a sentence with “a ballroom startles easily” and go from there

The idea of heaven could easily be a disease reflex

Her anxiety is an acoustic apparatus

A witch, a dog, a baby, a cat, a goat, a horse

Startle it


Peat, willows, eels

Make up some statistics about them on the spot

If you look up tonight, the stars have no makeup

Black holes organize into a pattern

Satellites event and twinkle

Snowflakes fell in perfect stripes

Scorpion star clusters fell like sand, laid out like starfish

Start a sentence with “a religion of doors”

Windows normally do nothing, windows are not like a parade

Goodbyes stuck into her skin, her life cycle began with indifference

Nautical twilight, small wars smuggled like smart chargers

She was afflicted by meaning

And boom goes the dynamite family guy in the marriage hearse

Bliss blizzard, blink tiger, melon light, pig barber

Electrical significance, shock stretches her character

There is friction in her address

A kinetic analysis

Even after 65 days in a sugarcult, his rhymes are not appealing

Fevers, rashes, thumb deformities

Four lights on and no children

There are worse things I could have purchased on my iphone

There are two kinds of people, three parties to a check, and several isotopes

Trees mistaken for transitional fossils

There are trap doors among us

Are teeth also a fruit?

Are tanning beds poisonous?

Are trampolines tax deductible?

Are travel agents worth it?

Cultivated wheat, puppeteer death clips, there is evidence of love in the urine

Biblefire, virulent bacteriophage

She’s a lime light kisser

What are the lyrics to these fireworks?

Pressure gradiant, sliverswell, cyclone amusement

Laughter assaults American grains

A desert asymmetry, an astronaut farmer

An astronomical unit is really an asteroid belt

Astigmatism and the astrology of beer

What is your compatibility to day?

The invention of pronunciation, a sonata in D minor

There are plenty of fish

Who played Hitler in a high school musical?

Clancyness, his cereal never gets soggy

Ribbon fractures, inflatable boats, injuries from coughing

Instead of happily exploring the attractive toys

She was a heavy cream bride

Her Helvetica heart, coral boned

Headless mice sing in handcuffs

Her immunity was invisible, her income elastic

A weather halo interpolated light

No sebaceous threshold, pigmented, navigated, narrative

Tramadol thrust, ghost crush, collapse

Horses in calm review, three months of Thai horror

The stars are projectors, dustmoon, inerrancy

On inertial motion on a rotating sphere

Silver breaks easily, electric easy tea, our entangling breath

Oil droplets ossicilate, circadian rhythms, chatclash

Bring your own bright star



Anne Gorrick is the author of: I-Formation (Book 2) (Shearsman Books, Bristol, UK, 2012), I-Formation (Book 1) (Shearsman, 2010), and Kyotologic (Shearsman, 2008). She has co-edited (with Sam Truitt) In|Filtration: An Anthology of Innovative Poetry from the Hudson River Valley (Station Hill Press, Barrytown, NY, forthcoming in 2014), and has a new book of poetry, A’s Visuality, coming out soon with BlazeVOX Books (Buffalo, NY). She has collaborated with artist Cynthia Winika to produce a limited edition artists’ book called “Swans, the ice,” she said with grants through the Women’s Studio Workshop in Rosendale, NY, and the New York Foundation for the Arts. She has also collaborated on large textual and/or visual projects with John Bloomberg-Rissman and Scott Helmes.

She curates the reading series, Cadmium Text ( ) and co-curates (with Lynn Behrendt), the electronic journal Peep/Show at Her visual art can be seen at:

She lives in West Park, New York.



John Bloomberg-Rissman is in the last year of five on In the House of the Hangman, the third section of his maybe life project called Zeitgeist Spam. The first two volumes have been published: No Sounds of My Own Making (Leafe Press, 2007), and Flux, Clot & Froth (Meritage Press 2010), and sections of Hangman have been published over the last couple years at Jacket2. In addition to his Zeitgeist Spam project, the main other things on his plate right now are an anthology which he is editing with Jerome Rothenberg, titled Poems for the Millennium 5: Barbaric Vast & Wild: An Anthology of Outside & Subterranean Poetry, due out from Black Widow Press around the end of 2014, longterm collabs with Anne Gorrick, and a study of Etel Adnan, which is in its early stages. He’s also learning to play viola and he blogs at (Zeitgeist Spam).